Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Canadian Solar Announces 120MW of Recent Sales Orders

TORONTO--(Marketwire - June 29, 2009) - Canadian Solar Inc. ("the Company", "Canadian Solar" or "we") (NASDAQ: CSIQ) today announced it has received a purchase order from Systaic AG (SYSCF) for 30 MW of solar modules to be delivered to Spain. This is a specific purchase order under the 60 MW annual supply agreement that the two companies announced in October of 2008. Delivery under the agreement has already started.

Including this new 30MW purchase order, the Company has recently signed or reconfirmed sales contracts, contract extensions or received purchase orders for delivery of about 120MW of solar module products to 24 customers in Europe, North America and Asia. Most of these deliveries are expected to take place from June to October.

Dr. Shawn Qu, Chairman and CEO remarked, "We have insisted on quality products and services, long-term partnerships and prudent financial management. We are pleased that our efforts have paid off. The recent 'flight to product quality and financial strength' by customers, coupled with very competitive pricing have resulted in strong demand for our solar modules. The relationship between Canadian Solar and Systaic is a good example. The two companies have developed a solid partnership since early 2008, and Systaic has been one of our Top 10 customers in 2008. We have supported each other in recent quarters, leveraging Canadian Solar's compelling product portfolio and financial strengths with Systaic's strong system integration capability and large footprint in Europe, especially in the key markets of Germany, Spain and Italy. We are looking forward to our ongoing collaboration given both companies commitment to quality workmanship, innovation and service."

Michael Pack, CEO of Systaic said: "We decided to start executing the annual agreement as the financing environment is improving, reconfirming our intention to reach the 60 MW annual target. The combination of Systaic's system technology and Canadian Solar's high performance modules has delivered high energy yields in the Spanish projects our companies have executed. As a result, Systaic recently completed a transaction to sell one of our solar farms, built with Canadian Solar's modules, to a well-known off-take fund. The transaction has successfully received a refinancing from a leading German bank, underscoring the high financial attractiveness and bankability of our projects."