Monday, June 08, 2009

RSi SuperPV Increases Solar Power Station Revenue by 60 to 200%

MUNICH--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ZTC Energy Group (EU) proudly announces the acquisition of the first 25,000 SuperPV-modules (10MW-h) for the EU market. SuperPV, a new patented add-on technology, increases PV power output by 60-200% (subject to location sunlight and temperature conditions). The performance of the SuperPV has been independently verified by Osaka University’s Center for Advanced Science and Innovation, with official endorsement by Japan’s leading ThinFilm PV scientist and inventor, Dr. Shozo Yanagida: “To the best of my knowledge, SuperPV is the only technology to have produced such results.”

ZTC is presently using the SuperPV-modules in its EU-based solar-power-stations (SPS), with plans to develop future projects powered entirely by SuperPV. “As an engineer and an SPS investor, I am amazed by this breakthrough. I believe SuperPV is the gateway technology leading to the next-generation PV,” said Dipl. Ing. Zdenek Cajska, Chairman of ZTC.

Dr. Peter Milo, CEO of ZTC, observed, “The SuperPV is a unique technology – it is not a shade-loss-reducer, MPP tracker or micro-inverter. The improved power output made possible by the SuperPV will increase our ROI by 60% to 200%. Bringing PV into utility-class generation is the way to grid-parity.”

SuperPV Benefits:

1. 60-200% more electricity (3000 kWh/kWp year)

2. 50% less space, inverters, stands and devices

3. no Watt-peak (Wp) push to stress grid-peak capacity

4. measured on Wph (hour-output) at less than 2EUR/Wp

5. ROI: 5 years, versus 9-15 years **

6. the overall return of value is more than 1200% **

7. average earning 60% p.a., versus 20% p.a. (conventional PV) **

“I believe feed-in-tariff and subsidy programs will substantially benefit from this level of power-enhancement. SuperPV should be the standard technology for all future PV,” Dipl. Ing. Jan Doubek, CSc., Director of Labit a.s.

ZTC Energy Group S.R.O. (EU), founded in 1993, is a leading EU solar power station developer and owner, with more than 100MW of SPS projects installed and in development. In co-operation with RSi Energy Group (US), ZTC developed a new SPS business plan and secured feed-in-tariff (FiT) rate of EUR €0.50 (USD $0.70)/kWh - one of the world’s highest FiT rates for 2009.