Tuesday, September 07, 2010

AEG Power Solutions Marks Technological Breakthrough in Polysilicon Production Efficiency

VALENCIA, Spain--(BUSINESS WIRE)--  AEG Power Solutions (AEG PS) (Amsterdam:3WP) introduces its new Thyrobox™ PI power system which will set new efficiency standards in polysilicon production. The new Thyrobox™ is unveiled for the first time at the 25th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (Feria Valencia, Valencia, Spain,).
Using proprietary technology developed by AEG PS, the Thyrobox™ PI, allows manufacturers of polysilicon, to increase the production output of their existing polysilicon reactors by 10% to 20%. The manufacturing process of polysilicon can consequently increase its level of efficiency, depending on reactor configuration and process condition.
AEG Power Solutions confirms here its technological leadership on this market as well as its focus on developing innovative products to answer customer needs as this unique technology can be a key element to upgrade existing polysilicon facilities.

Polysilicon is the base material used in the manufacturing of solar cells. With decreasing poly silicon prices, manufactures are under ever increasing pressure to lower operational manufacturing costs. Thyrobox™ PI can easily be added to existing AEG Power Solutions Thyrobox power systems. That way it allows for permanently lowered operational costs with minimal investment as no new or additional deposition reactors are needed. In addition to increased polysilicon productivity the Thyrobox™ PI, reduces internal thermal stresses thus preventing rod cracks, allows for more uniform growth, improves rod joint bridge shaping and minimizes hot spots.
“AEG Power Solutions has been leading in power control development for many years now. As a result we have a very clear picture of what really helps our clients to lower their production costs and improve manufacturing process”, explains Gladwyn De Vidts, AEG Power Solutions’ Vice President and General Manager Power Control Systems. “We strongly believe the Thyrobox™ PI marks a technological breakthrough with regards to optimized polysilicon production efficiency.”

Along with the introduction of the Thyrobox™ PI, AEG Power Solutions is partnering with GT Solar to offer the Thyrobox™ PI as part of a turnkey solution using GTSolar’s SDR™ series of CVD reactors. This next generation power system is designed to be integrated with GT’s SDR-400 to enable reactor capacities over 500 MTA. “GT Solar is pleased to be working with AEG in bringing this new and exciting technology to market,” said Dave Keck, Vice President and General Manager of GT Solar’s polysilicon division. “AEG PS’ vision is consistent with GT Solar’s vision of delivering sustained value to customers by lowering the cost of PV manufacturing.”