Monday, May 23, 2011

Solar Rainbow Announces Residential Division

NEW YORK, May 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Solar Bawabeh, president and co-founder of Solar Rainbow Services, a leader in the design and installation of large-scale solar electric systems for commercial customers of all sizes, announced the formation of a residential division after a successful first year doing exclusively commercial projects.

Mr. Bawabeh stated, "We are excited to add this expanding market to our growing business. Many of our commercial clients were pleased with our work to such a high level that they asked us to install solar at their homes. We are anticipating designing and installing solar photovoltaic (PV) on at least 50 homes this year."

Solar Rainbow is dedicated to installing solar PV systems to meet homeowners' needs. With the addition of residential installations, Solar Rainbow anticipates hiring 5 new employees. These rooftop installations will take care of 70 -100 percent of homeowners' electric needs. This will help them increase the value of their home, save money on their electric bill, allow them to benefit from state and local incentives, and help the environment.

Because New Jersey has the most aggressive solar renewable energy certificates (SREC's) based incentive programs in the Northeast which has led to over 8,500 solar installations, this is a great opportunity for homeowners to install a solar electric system and potentially create income from the energy they produce. However, Solar Rainbow gives its clients the option to own the solar system on their rooftop or Solar Rainbow will take on the costs and own the solar system and offer the homeowner electricity at a fraction of what they currently pay.

Presently, Solar Rainbow has 6 megawatts worth of solar projects currently under construction and an additional pipeline of about 30 megawatts commercial rooftop installations.  The company is actively seeking rooftops to rent where they will install, own and operate solar systems under the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) structure providing additional revenue to the property owner.

Mr. Bawabeh has developed a team of  renowned photovoltaic designers and engineers, purchased a stake in a roofing company, s partnered up with financial institutions as well as energy utilities in order to assist clients with confidence and provide the proper opportunities to go green in a financially advantageous manner. His company manages every aspect of the solar integrated roof installation -from engineering, design, roofing, install and long-term maintenance, so customers get all the benefits of solar power as quickly as possible.