Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SilRay Powers Sustainability Solutions at Ferrari Farms

PALO ALTO, Calif. & LINDEN, Calif.--(Solar Energy News)--SilRay, Inc., a complete solar power solutions company serving as a one-stop shop for planning, financing, building and maintaining quality power systems, today announced the completion of a solar system installation at Ferrari Farms. The family owned farm has been in operation for generations and was one of the earliest certified organic farms in California. In a pivotal step toward more sustainable options for fruit production and packaging, the farm will be one of the first to utilize solar power via a leasing option from SilRay, Inc. Electricity from the 110kW system will power Ferrari’s packing plant and will reduce their utility costs by nearly $30,000 annually and prevent increases in electric bills.

“We’re pleased to announce this significant step into penetrating California’s agricultural market. It’s a perfect way to support local businesses looking to utilize renewable energy to power their operations,” said April Zhong, SilRay, Inc. CEO. “By offering unique solar leasing models, it is becoming more possible for smaller commercial businesses to take advantage of affordable energy solutions while becoming more sustainable.”

The solar power system, designed, financed and built by SilRay, Inc. using company branded panels will be ground mounted on acreage owned by Ferrari Farms. Via a unique solar leasing program, SilRay will own the solar system for the first ten years of its operation and then lease the system to the customer at lower rates than their monthly PG&E utility bills, without the volatility. After this period, the system will be sold to the customer at residual value, allowing for project feasibility for investors, farm owners and the farming community.

“We take great pride in providing goods that are organic and produced in the most sustainable fashion. We had been looking to go solar for a while and looked into other companies and we decided to go with SilRay not only because it made the best sense financially, but also for the high quality of their products,” said Jeff Ferrari, owner of Ferrari Farms. “Now, we are able to cut back our operational costs and have the piece of mind that we are doing something that is environmentally sound and financially beneficial.”

About SilRay, Inc.

SilRay, Inc, is a turnkey solar developer based out of Palo Alto, California. The vertically integrated company provides a low cost design build solution for commercial and utility-scale PV projects. SilRay was recently honored as the U.S. Department of Commerce’s “2011 Minority Retail Energy Firm of the Year” and ASIAN Inc.’s “2011 Minority Business Enterprise Award.” Established in early 2007, the company’s goal is to make solar energy more affordable to commercial entities. SilRay works with customers to find cost-effective solar solutions for all type of businesses.