Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ASYS Germany Selects Zeta Instruments’ Zeta 200 for Solar Cell Screen Printers

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Zeta Instruments, Inc., a leading provider of cost-effective, precision optical profilers for micron-scale surface analysis, announced that ASYS Automation Systems, Germany, has selected its Zeta-200™ optical profiler to assure its screen printing systems meet the exacting requirements of its solar cell manufacturing customers.

    “The Zeta-200™ optical metrology system, enables us to deliver screen printers that meet the highest levels of quality assurance and bring peace of mind that the systems that we deliver to the burgeoning solar wafer industry set the gold standard for quality and reliability.”

A global leader in the manufacturing and supply of screen printers for the electronics and photovoltaics industries, ASYS provides the screen printers used by solar cell manufacturers worldwide to apply the metal contact lines on solar cell wafers. Screen printing is an essential component of the manufacturing process and the precision and thickness of the contact lines is critical to the effectiveness and cost of manufacturing solar cells.

ASYS will use the Zeta-200 optical profiler to qualify its screen printing equipment prior to supplying them to solar customers as well as in the development and qualification of its next-generation screen printing systems.

Zeta’s innovative Zeta-200 optical profiler monitoring technology makes it possible to control etchant compounds composition and their duration of exposure on silicon wafers to produce surface textures that optimize light absorption of solar cells. Through the use of these methods, it is possible to significantly improve the efficiency and manufacturing consistency of photo-voltaic cells.

ASYS Germany’s Product Manager New Technologies, Dr. Sven Hermann, stated, “The Zeta-200™ optical metrology system, enables us to deliver screen printers that meet the highest levels of quality assurance and bring peace of mind that the systems that we deliver to the burgeoning solar wafer industry set the gold standard for quality and reliability.”

The Zeta-200 microscope system leverages Zeta’s patented Z-Dot™ technology to provide rapid 3D imaging of deep, high-aspect ratio features, enabling the gathering of step height, roughness, dimensions, angles and volume, all without contacting or damaging the sample. It permits the imaging of complex, non-flat surfaces that have very high roughness and/or low reflectivity—especially aiding solar cell research by making it possible to inspect surfaces that are both rough and reflect very little light.

Coupled with its application-specific software, the Zeta-200 provides imaging and measurement capabilities superior to those of laser confocal microscopes. Zeta offers true-color imaging, lowers system cost and provides a simpler overall design for lower maintenance and greater ease of use. Other solutions such as interferometer-based microscope systems require meticulous sample alignment and have difficulty or are unable to effectively measure deep-feature samples such as those used in MEMS, while Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs) provide very high-resolution imaging but require lengthy, often destructive, sample preparation and cannot provide true-color images.

Zeta Instruments president, Rusmin Kudinar, noted, “We are delighted that ASYS has chosen the Zeta-200 as the solution of record for this critical function in the delivery of world class screen printers and are proud to be an integral part of their ongoing product development and qualification process moving forward.”

Zeta will showcase the Zeta-200 at the upcoming Intersolar North America conference in San Francisco, CA, July 9-12, 2012. For information on the Zeta-200 for precision metrology, visit

About ASYS

The ASYS Group, based in Dornstadt, Germany is an established manufacturer of advanced machines and production lines for the electronics and solar industries. The ASYS SOLAR brand features Metallization Lines utilizing the highest level of performance and next-generation technologies for the implementation of advanced cell concepts. ASYS created a complete cell manufacturing concept which provides the integration of in-house laser or screen printing platforms for the prestructuring of solar wafers. Since its entry into the solar market in 2002, ASYS has delivered cell manufacturing equipment to its worldwide customer base with a production capacity in excess of 17GW. By manufacturing and selling advanced solutions and high-quality products, ASYS helps to maximize productivity and optimize cell efficiency.

Offering both scalable production solutions and high-speed technologies, ASYS is thus the ideal partner for cost-efficient Metallization Lines. With an unmatched throughput of 4600 cells per hour and lowest breakage rates, ASYS ensures optimum efficiency for solar cell production. 6 Sigma is the ASYS standard for highest quality in solar production that sets a benchmark in reliable processing.

About Zeta Instruments

Zeta Instruments is a leading provider of optical profiler systems that enable manufacturers of green-technology and biomedical products to substantially improve yields and quality control. Its solutions are widely used in the development of microfluidics/biotechnology, high-brightness LEDs, solar cells, and magnetic storage media. Zeta is a privately held company headquartered in San Jose, California. To learn more about Zeta Instruments and its solutions please visit