Thursday, April 19, 2012

FTL Solar POWERFOLD Units Bring Tactical Off Grid Power To U.S. Army Special Forces And U.S. Naval Special Warfare Units.

AUSTIN, Texas, April 18, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- FTL Solar, the world's leading manufacturer and integrator of tactical off-grid solar fabric based products, structures and systems, announced today that the company is shipping POWERFOLD Units to U.S. Army Special Forces and U.S. Naval Special Warfare units being deployed to Afghanistan.

FTL Solar and its strategic partner Maddox Defense have joined forces to deliver Next Generation Tactical Flexible Thin and Lightweight Solar products and systems to answer the military's growing power problems.

According to Jason Maddox, CEO of Maddox Defense, "Challenges include the dramatic increase in the number and variety of batteries carried by the war fighter.  This trend is unsustainable from a soldier load and logistical perspective.  The military also needs to improve its sustainment independence by becoming more self-sufficient.  It has become too costly, too unpredictable and too labor intensive for small special military units to carry the required fuel consumables (batteries) that need to last for weeks or months in theater.  As a result, contingency bases are highly dependent on resupply, resulting in unpredictable, costly and dangerous convoys."

"FTL Solar's reusable power products and systems are the solution to these problems," explains FTL Solar's CEO, Tony Saxton, "because they create sustainability and independence from traditional fuel, weight and cube while allowing for users to become more tactically sound and secure. FTL's products also increase the energy density of current and emerging technologies by seamless integration."  This improves efficiency while reducing soldier worn load and complexity.  The company's systems also help to reduce the fully burdened cost of fuel and the dangerous fuel supply convoys that accompany that cost in theater.  "By using FTL's products, the military is taking soldiers off dangerous Afghan roads," says Saxton, "as well as saving our country millions of dollars and promoting a cleaner and sustainable environment."

FTL Solar's products range in size from 4 W to over 1 KW, and all are within the military's definition of a two man portable lift.  The smallest POWERFOLD products are used to charge small personal electronics, including cell phones, GPS units, tablet computers while the largest POWERMOD and POWERSQUAD units scale up to 1000+ watts and can be ganged together to provide shelter and power for a wide range of mission critical operations including mobile power plants for remote command posts and forward operating bases.

Several Army Programs have been funded for overall solutions involving FTL's products at the soldier level, and FTL Solar products are currently being used and deployed on a worldwide basis. Soldiers are also using FTL products in remote off-grid training areas and forward operating bases (FOBs) to minimize fuel requirement while saving money and soldier lives.

FTL Solar offers full vertically integrated power systems, inclusive power production, storage and management.  Product can be purchased through TLS Special Operations Prime Vendor Contract via ADS, Inc. (