Friday, December 28, 2012

City of Los Angeles Lights San Fernando Road Pathway with Carmanah Outdoor Lighting Systems

VICTORIA, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The City of Los Angeles has selected Carmanah’s EverGEN 1710 solar powered lights in an order of 140 systems to illuminate a new pathway on a public road in the San Fernando Valley. Improving safety and furthering the City’s commitment to sustainability and energy savings, the Carmanah EverGEN 1710 was down-selected for the project to light over 1km of new path along San Fernando Road in Los Angeles. Chosen by the City on the basis of form, function and a GPS and radio-enabled networking capability that can allow for remote system monitoring, activation and control, the EverGEN 1710 is an advanced outdoor lighting system for municipalities and organizations seeking sustainable lighting as well as installation cost savings. Once fully installed in early 2013, the City of LA will have employed almost 300 of Carmanah’s solar-powered 1710 lights which will illuminate 6km (4m) of commuting pathways.

In 2009, the City began employing Carmanah EverGEN systems for pathway applications following an experience with reoccurring copper theft along the LA City River from grid-powered wired lighting fixtures. The copper theft eventually left portions of the path dark and incurred costs to replace wiring as a result. In the move from grid-powered AC HID (high intensity discharge) fixtures, Officials at the City of Los Angeles have been working with Los Angeles lighting agents, David Silverman & Associates and their solar lighting manufacturing provider, Carmanah Technologies, to source a reliable and certified solution. The City selected a solution in the EverGEN 1710, which would allow the City to avoid high installation costs while eliminating the possibility of future copper theft as a result of zero wiring. Since 2009, the City has continued to invest in sustainable lighting solutions with this most recent project.

Bruce Cousins, CEO of Carmanah comments, “Los Angeles represents a satisfied, repeat customer who is demonstrating the success of the technology as well as the value proposition of the product.”

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