Monday, January 23, 2017

Perovskite thin film tandem solar cell patent granted by the US Patent Office to Solar-Tectic

SolarTectic Perovskite thin film solar cellsBRIARCLIFF MANOR, N.Y., --(eSolarEnergyNews)-- Solar-Tectic announced today that a patent application for a germanium perovskite thin film tandem solar cell has been allowed by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Recently perovskite materials have gained much attention as a solution to the longstanding problem of solar cell efficiency, and while there have been reports of perovskite/germanium tandem solar cells, remarkably there have been none on perovskite/crystalline germanium thin-film tandem solar cells. Crystalline thin-film germanium promises to be more efficient and less expensive than silicon and germanium wafer technology due to low temperature processing and less material use. An example of the perovskite layer is CsGeI3.

Importantly, the entire process is non-toxic since germanium is non-toxic and tin (Sn) is used to deposit the crystalline germanium thin-film material for the bottom layer in the tandem configuration; there is no toxic lead (Pb). The technology is the very first of its kind and in addition to the US is also eligible for world-wide protection.

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About Solar-Tectic LLC ("ST"): Solar-Tectic LLC is a thin-film specialist with patented technology primary focused on developing highly textured, single crystal semiconductor films on glass or other inexpensive substrates, for tandem solar cells and other electronic devices. The company has a wide portfolio of technologies and IP towards this end, based primarily on inventions by the late Dr. Praveen Chaudhari, renowned materials physicist and recipient of a US National Medal of Technology and Innovation (1995). All the technologies being developed are consistent with Solar-Tectic's mission to provide cleaner and more accessible energy to fight climate change and poverty rampant in the world today. Solar-Tectic LLC's primary focus in this regard is solar cells, but also extends to LEDs, and thin-film transistors (TFTs). Recently several papers were published in peer reviewed journals reporting advances in R&D.