Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Flexible Solar Recharger to Power iPods

Hampshire, U.K. (PRWEB) April 16, 2007 -- Just Imagine UK Limited are unveiling at the 35th Annual Geneva Technology Exhibition, their new emergency solar powered charger for cell phones, iPods, mp3s and cameras. This new product delivers power via thin solar membrane cells and a flexible lanyard.

The first phone call, lasting two minutes, was made from one cell phone to another cell phone using solar energy captured from a flexible lanyard/strap.

This is a first for Just Imagine UK Limited.

Roark McMaster of Just Imagine in Emsworth, and Mark Coughlan of London have together developed this new product over the past 12 months.

The two innovators have incorporated thin membrane and flexible solar cells onto a durable lanyard strap. The device can be configured to provide power for a cell phone, an iPod, MP3 player or even a camera.

The Mac-Strap, as it is called, is typically designed to provide emergency power when a cell phone user is in a distressing situation and they need to make a phone call, but their cell phone battery has run out.

There are many solar power chargers on the market today. The products in the marketplace are changing almost bi-weekly. However the Mac-Strap provides a unique solution of solar power on a flexible lanyard that can be slung over your rucksack, hung around your neck, affixed to your tent pole or placed on the dashboard of your car -- collecting power all the while.

The design team intend to license the use of their intellectual property.

McMaster and Coughlan will be unveiling their prototype at the 35th Annual Geneva Technology Exhibition 18-22 April in Geneva Switzerland.

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