Saturday, February 18, 2012

Big Solar Energy Dreams For Benson Arizona

BENSON, Ariz., Feb 17, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- President Obama's "In Sourcing Initiative" has met with local responses in the City of Benson, Arizona when S. Chin Kim, CEO of Matinee Energy introduced "Matinee Energy Campus" during a ground breaking ceremony. The 50 acre site will house facilities for solar energy research, manufacturing and related job training, which brings the immediate benefit of local job creation.

The Campus' narrow focus is on engineering and manufacturing cost cutting and enhancing the performance of solar mounting systems enough to influence a market shift toward highly efficient mounting systems that is guaranteed to lower the cost of the entire module and improve profitability. Key market factors that affect industry competitors' ability to survive have shifted beyond lower solar cell prices in favor of lower costs for essential components and higher sustainability. Key to this shift is the tested response to extending and maintaining solar module life expectancy and higher than average efficiency over thirty years, while achieving localized cost reduction and the capabilities to operate and maintain solar plants more than 30 years. S. Chin Kim said, "The Campus will create jobs and provide a model for other projects on a larger regional or national scale in the future."

Matinee Energy Campus has partnered with GreenStone System, Inc. Dr. J. K. Kim, the GreenStone CEO, said, "Leveraging on our rich history in harnessing semi-conductor technologies with solar farm construction, we will deliver innovative solutions, integrating hardware mounting systems, locally manufactured, with solar panels, before conversion into efficient solar modules."

Participating in the ground breaking were key representatives of the City of Benson, Arizona, the Benson Chamber of Commerce and Cochise County Community College. Collectively, they have pledged support for making this local "In Sourcing Initiative" a success.

About Matinee Energy Campus Benson Corp.

In short, the company's project is called "Matinee Energy Campus." Owing to its aggregated technology and manufacturing knowhow, the Campus intends to first manufacture higher precision mounting systems and to achieve the cost reduction sufficient enough to influence both a shift in the market and construction cost structure of renewal solar energy plants, based upon proprietary technologies.

About Matinee Energy, Inc.

Matinee Energy has developed solar energy projects and businesses that are diverse and complementary to its core line of businesses. It implements and delivers infrastructure-based services and plan to deliver electricity based upon leading technologies. Matinee Energy will continuously develop utility scale alternative energy solutions and intends to make a material contribution to the alternative energy sector. Matinee Energy also plans to partner with diverse sector participants from the U.S. and around the world.

About GreenStone System Inc.

GreenStone earned its market position by leveraging its parent company's successes with projects in automotive components and the plant industries. Its combined total of core capabilities supra and semiconductor technologies has made GreenStone very important participant in the solar energy industry.

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