Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Independent Solar Developers Completes World’s First Cattle Feedlot Solar Field

COACHELLA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Independent Solar Developers, a leading provider of solar installations to the Agricultural Industry, today announced that they are the first company to install, commission and operate a 480kW CPV solar field that provides both energy and shade to a cattle feedlot. This achievement underscores Independent Solar Developers’ commitment to a new era for agriculture and renewable energy.

Solar fields such as this are helping energy customers realize that their monthly utility costs can be turned into “ENERGY DOLLARS” that become valuable “ENERGY ASSETS.”

A utility basically pools customers into segments and treats all customers within that segment exactly the same by pooling their bill payments.

Customers are actually very different from each other and this solar application proves how customers are becoming aware of that difference. They realize the actual value of their “ENERGY DOLLARS” and how those dollars can be used as an investment instead of a utility expense.

Utilities allocate customer payments based on utility rate designs that are not negotiable and focus on the average performing customer. “ENERGY DOLLARS” invested in “ENERGY ASSETS” focus on the customer as an individual making their own energy decisions for their own energy future. No customer likes having the utility control their power purchase especially when the decisions are made based on an average customer.

The Coachella and Imperial Valleys, with an abundant solar resource, are beginning a revolution in agricultural solar that leads the nation in the way “ENERGY DOLLARS” are invested in “ENERGY ASSETS.” The ability to take back control of their own energy destiny will ensure the long term competitiveness of individual customers. Independent Solar Developers is supporting those customers by making it easier to transition to this new era.

This marks a transition away from dependence on the utility for energy. “This installation is a great milestone for Independent Solar Developers,” said Peter Molloy of Independent Solar Developers. “We are very pleased with our accomplishment. It is the result of our commitment to renewable energy and the motivation to provide alternative investments for energy dollars compared to the utility electricity bill.”

Independent Solar Developers has been involved in solar development since 2010 and are currently working with large agricultural customers in Central and Southern California to realize the potential value of turning their utility bills into “ENERGY DOLLARS” and “ENERGY ASSETS.”

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