Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SunWarrior’s PowerSwatch Mobile Solar Charger First in Industry to Provide Snap-On Expandability

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SunWarrior Inc. today announced a breakthrough in mobile solar charger technology with its PowerSwatch product, featuring snap-on expansion solar panels for more power and shorter charge times. Utilizing proprietary ZapSnap technology, PowerSwatch solar chargers can expand from 3.5 watts to 10.5 watts or more—in a snap. Since the ZapSnaps are conductive, users are free from the hassle and mess of external cabling.

“With 6 billion mobile subscribers worldwide, the need for convenient, cost-effective mobile solar chargers is enormous,” stated Rourke Oakland, SunWarrior’s CEO. “But one size does not fit all. While our competitors sell solar chargers of various power output, we offer the PowerSwatch, which can expand in increments of 7 watts with each additional PowerPlus2 expansion solar panel. Our customers don’t have to buy a whole new charger if they want more power. They can simply add a PowerPlus2.”

PowerSwatch, featuring ZapSnaps, allow users to buy a base unit and expand to suit their needs. PowerSwatch’s 3.5-watt output is more than sufficient for charging most smartphones and smaller devices. Users requiring speedy charge times or have more demanding devices (iPads, ereaders, tablets, etc.) may choose to purchase one or more PowerPlus2 expansion solar panels. Additionally, PowerPlus2s can be added to any side of the PowerSwatch and can even snap to each other.

“Our rugged, weather resistant PowerSwatch and PowerPlus2 solar charging system is perfectly suited to activities off the grid, like camping, fishing, golf, hiking and sporting events,” continued Mr. Oakland. “In fact, it’s perfect for anyone whose phone, camera, GPS or other device has ever run out of power, whether or not you’re in the middle of nowhere or stuck in traffic.”

To learn more about PowerSwatch, please visit SunWarrior’s solar charger store. You can also like SunWarrior on Facebook or follow the company on Twitter—@SunWarriorInc.

About SunWarrior, Inc.

SunWarrior, headquartered in Irvine, CA, designs and markets solar-based products that deliver on the promise of true charge-anywhere mobility for handheld electronic devices. The company’s products focus on convenience, cost-effectiveness and value and are available through major online retailers and through the company’s website.

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