Thursday, August 30, 2012

Locus Energy to Launch SolarNOC™ - an Enterprise-Grade Asset Management Application for Distributed Solar PV Systems

NEW YORK, Aug. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Locus Energy is preparing to launch SolarNOC™ -- an enterprise-grade web application for management of fleets of residential, commercial and utility PV systems. A beta preview of the new application will be shown at the upcoming Solar Power International 2012 conference in Orlando, Florida.

The first SolarNOC™ components to be released will be a role-based business intelligence dashboard and an advanced system grouping and filtering tool. The SolarNOC™ dashboard is a highly customizable web interface for the display of key performance indicators and PV system diagnostic data. Users log into the application and immediately see the most relevant system information and performance metrics for their role within an organization. The grouping and filtering tool allows users to create and manage dynamic groups of projects, installations and system components.

Together, these components provide solar asset managers with an unprecedented amount of control over how performance data is aggregated and visualized. Project data within the SolarNOC™ can be segmented by region, size, OEM, install date, installer, finance partner and many other criteria. Users select and save filters to define groups of installations and then view only the most pertinent performance data within their personalized dashboards.

"We work with hundreds of solar installation and finance companies, many of which have expressed a need for a more powerful tool to manage solar assets," said Dan Loflin, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Locus Energy. "These organizations are accustomed to highly configurable CRM and Business Intelligence applications that deliver the information, tools and KPI's for multiple user groups.   We believe we can offer the same capabilities through a comprehensive platform tailored for the PV industry."

The SolarNOC™ will go live in the fourth quarter of 2012 and be offered as an add-on for all users of Locus Energy's industry-leading SolarOS™ monitoring platform. Please visit for more information or visit us at booth #3770 at SPI '12 for a demonstration.

About Locus Energy

Locus Energy develops web-based asset management software for renewable energy systems.  We provide monitoring, analytics and data services for deployments of solar photovoltaic and solar thermal technology. By leveraging Locus' products, renewable finance companies and integrators can drive down the cost and complexity of energy monitoring while making it much easier to maintain and service an installed client base. Founded in 2007, Locus has offices in New York and San Francisco, and monitors over ten thousand PV arrays worldwide.

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