Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Breakthrough in Solar to Hydrogen Production Provides the Cheapest Fuel Source

MENLO PARK, CA--(eSolarEnergyNews)--  Menlo Park based technology firm Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc.announced a breakthrough in hydrogen production that will revolutionize the energy market with the world's least expensive fuel source – hydrogen.  Their invention is the world's first reactor for the production of unlimited hydrogen (patent pending) and provides clean fuel that can be generated anywhere across the globe.

Economic Impact

Solar Hydrogen Trends' reactor provides high-yield hydrogen cheaply and efficiently, making 1 kg of hydrogen from 1 liter of water at the cost of only 25 cents!  According to the US Department of Energy, 1 kg of hydrogen has the same energy content as 1 gallon (3.2 kg) of gasoline (download  With this 25 cent price tag, 1kg of hydrogen equaling the same energy as 1 gallon of gasoline is an unprecedented breakthrough for the US and World Economy.

Environmental Impact

Hydrogen is an extremely effective alternative to fossil fuels as the fuel does not produce any harmful byproducts (its main byproduct being water vapor).  Current electricity production relies on pollutants through dangerous fuels including coal, natural gas and nuclear reactors.   Coal and natural gas contribute to climate change, already manifesting through alarming weather patterns.  Nuclear is simply deadly:  One needs look no further than Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiichi as proof.  World leaders, scientists, experts and citizens understand that there is far too much reliance on oil for energy, another major pollutant.

Global Energy Breakthrough

It is widely agreed that the USA needs is another breakthrough in energy with magnitude of Manhattan project.  This breakthrough has occurred and will change the landscape of energy generation over the course of the next decade and into the distant future.  Jack Aganyan and Konstantine Balakiryan, Founders of Solar Hydrogen Trends commented "The world is looking to the United States for leadership in this field.  Our hydrogen reactor is one of the most significant inventions of the 21st Century that will positively and permanently improve our world with unprecedented flexibility in low cost energy production.

Kirill Gichunts, a venture capital investor, said "Solar Hydrogen Trends is on track to be the most valuable start-up company this decade, and will become the largest company by market cap coming out of Silicon Valley.  If used to fuel cars, the hydrogen reactor will save 90% over gasoline."   Kirill further commented that "the hydrogen reactor coupled with CHP technology (fuel cell or turbine) will bring energy generation to industrial and consumer clients and slash the price per kWh by over 50% -- saving hundreds of billions by avoiding the grid distribution."

The Impossible Becomes Possible

The hydrogen reactor actually turns 1 liter of water into 1kg of hydrogen!  While this flies in the face of today's basic science where even a 5th grader knows that 1 liter of water contains 111.11 grams of hydrogen and 888.89 grams of oxygen -- nevertheless, numerous performance tests, including Airkinetics Inc., a prominent EPA-certified national emissions testing specialist, measured the output reactor at 50 ACFM with 93.1% Hydrogen content.

Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc. stands by its performance claims and welcomes other independent performance measurements of its hydrogen reactor input/output by the media and leading industry experts.   (Download Airkinetics Inc fuel performance test results :

For more information on the hydrogen reactor and the Company, please visit

About Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc.:

Menlo Park based firm Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc. is an innovative technology firm focused on the development of clean air, cost reducing energy solutions for the multi-billion dollar Energy Services industry. Recipient of a 2013 grant from the Patricia Galloway and Kris Nielsen Foundation supporting scientists and engineers in developing creative and innovative ideas that will improve the quality of life for all, Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc. consists of a team of chemists, physicists and engineers from across the globe.

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