Solar Thermal Provides 90% of Hot Water for Food Processor

21st Century's INFINITY SOLAR HOT WATER HEATERS are the most efficient hot water heaters on the market today. Guaranteed for 25 years!

Using vacuum tube technology, Infinity Solar Hot Water Heaters are 92.5% efficient in turning the sun's ultraviolet rays into hot water. For some applications units can produce steam and boiling water.

After thorough testing, Infinity Solar Hot Water Heaters have been granted SRCC Approval by an independent testing laboratory assuring the highest quality and level of performance.

Whether it's to heat a home, pool, or an industrial application, Infinity Heaters are the cutting edge in Solar Hot Water Heater Technology.

Infinity Solar Hot Water Heaters qualify for all Federal and State rebate programs, which could mean as much as 50% in government rebates.

Join our dealer network, to provide your customers with the best in Solar Hot Waters Heaters .

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